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Athletic Massage

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Bodywork | 0 comments

Having been a massage therapist since 1993, Athletic Massage has become one of my specialties and has remained so for many years. A multitude of athletes have lain on my table for regular maintenance, recovery from injury, or pre/post-event massage. It is a fantastic preventative and restorative practice that reduces injuries and assists in recovery time. Runners, tennis players, swimmers, golfers, gymnasts, yogi(nis), soccer players, circus performers have all been a part of my practice.


The purpose of Athletic Massage is to foster the prevention of injury while increasing performance. Regular maintenance is important for success because we can keep a close eye on expected muscle tension, and release any unexpected areas that can and do develop under the radar. An athlete is trained to perform on high levels mentally and physically. If the muscle and connective tissues lose that ability, then the body becomes prone to injury. Many times the mind is impeccably trained so the body will do as directed because it has performed the action many times. When muscles have adhesions and become dehydrated, they cannot perform at maximum levels as expected. Tight dehydrated muscles are most often the cause of injuries because the muscle tissue has less elasticity and cushion and thus can not function within the scope of the athlete’s peak potential. Massage and Bodywork afford the connective tissue and /or muscle to create space, flexibility, and hydration. This allows the body to perform as the athlete has trained it to.

Therefore, it is recommended that athletes take regular care with an experienced Massage and Bodywork therapist. Three initial sessions, a week apart, are usually needed to get a good base to maintain. This is, of course, a generality, more or less time may be required. The type of treatment will also vary with different phases of training. When an athlete books an appointment, an assessment will be made for an appropriate treatment protocol. There are a myriad of treatment options within my scope of athletic massage from Deep Muscle Therapy, Muscle Specific Swedish, Medicupping, Body Memory Recall, CranioSacral, and Thai massage. During each session, I will pull from all of the disciplines listed above to customize each treatment for maximized benefits. Each athlete is an individual and every session unfolds in the way it needs to expedite effective and adequate treatment.


If you are an athlete and you would like to know more information about how Massage and Bodywork may help to improve your performance, please feel free to reach out and I will be happy to consult with you.


Illumina Sky founder, Elizabeth Williams is a massage therapist, bodyworker, yoga teacher, lightworker, intuitive and Reiki Master. Elizabeth has been immersed in the healing arts since 1993, developing her massage, energy and bodywork skills in both the spa and medical settings.

Elizabeth’s passions include CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Body Memory Recall, Massage Cupping, Raindrop Therapy, Reiki, Athletic Massage, Yoga lessons, and Yoga Inspired Bodywork.

Illumina Sky is a peaceful encompassment to dive deeper into honoring who you are. Allow Elizabeth to relax you back into your soul. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Black Mountain which provide the perfect wholesome healing environment you are looking for. Illumina Sky provides a rich opportunity to experience treatments that are uniquely crafted specifically for you.

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