Energy Work
Restore & Harmonize


A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the Universal Light Energy to flow through to the person on the table. Universal Light Energy is an intelligent energy that needs no guidance. It simply flows as it is needed for the best and highest good of the person on the table.

In House

60 mins: $80
90 mins: $120

Mobile Services are Unavailable at this time.

RainDrop Therapy (new service)

Raindrop Therapy is a classic Young Living Oil Aromatherapy treatment that includes energy work, reflexology, and an oil application to the spine with a hot towel application. The oils used are customized to each person’s specific needs.

In House

60 mins: $105

Mobile Services are Unavailable at this time.

Intuitive / Healing Work

Elizabeth will listen to your needs and asses and discuss the best treatment for you. From there, she will utilize all of the skills she has learned over the years to intuitively guide your healing work session. Each session will be very or slightly different. The session may or may not include massage, cupping or HotStone Therapy, CranioSacral, Deep Muscle Therapy, Reiki, reflexology, yoga poses, guided meditation, breath work, and intuitive or ancestral work. Please plan for a 10 or 15 minute consultation time into the timeframe you choose.

In House

60 mins: $120
90 mins: $160
120 mins: $240

Mobile Services are Unavailable at this time.

Energetic Distance Healing

Energetic Distance Healing is a way to receive care with Elizabeth from anywhere in the world!

Elizabeth has been practicing distance healing for almost 3 decades with friends and family and has finally decided to offer this healing treatment to the public. The experience begins with a phone call that continues for the duration of your treatment because dialog may or may not be required and its best to be prepared.

You are asked to be ready by lying down or reclining comfortably in a quiet environment with no distractions for about 5 minutes before the call and also for the duration of the treatment. Have a glass of water or herbal tea near by for your comfort. A blanket nearby is helpful so that you can cover if you become chilled. These suggestions are imperative so that you’re properly prepared for your treatment. Elizabeth will call at the designated time of your appointment and there will be dialog regarding your intentions. When your intention for your treatment is clear the energy work will begin.

During the treatment, you are encouraged to relax and keep yourself comfortable asking any questions that may come up. There are also times Elizabeth may ask you questions or feedback. Staying awake for your appointment is ideal, this way you know what is happening.

60 mins: $100

More Illuminating Services


Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a process of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-discovery that helps us to recognize and practice the stillness within.

Bodywork and Massage

Elizabeth’s Massage and Bodywork sessions are individually tailored with your specific needs in mind. From Yoga to a variety of Massage techniques including Swedish, Yogi Thai, Medicupping and CranioSacral.

Retreats and Sanctuary Space

Each healing treatment is an integrative approach created specifically to help you open up into the deepest folds of your process, as you Choose to Bloom.

Intuitive Readings

Elizabeth has been an intuitive since childhood. She intuits by collaborating both verbally and energetically with her clients. Your reading begins with the intention you set.