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Illumina Sky Yoga

Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a process of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-discovery that helps us to recognize and practice the stillness within. The practice of yoga allows students to be still in a world consumed with chaos. Peace and tranquility that can be achieved through focused training can be of benefit to anyone and everyone of all ages and body types.

Illuminating Yoga Classes

Illumina Sky offers both In-house and Mobile Yoga Classes in the Black Mountain & Asheville area.

Private Yoga

Private lessons are beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. A private lesson with Elizabeth is a collaboration that allows a yogi(ni) to dive more deeply into the practice. A private session can also help to regain momentum in a personal yoga practice that is dormant. As a beginner, private lessons will prepare and help a new Yogi(ni) gain the confidence to enjoy group yoga lessons.

In House

75 mins: $100

Mobile Services are Unavailable at this time.

Semi-Private Yoga

If you have a group of friends that would like to get together and practice yoga in a semi-private setting, groups of 5 students or less allows for each yogi(ni) to be given specific attention.

75 mins: $100 per group


Yoga packages are also available:

5 group sessions: $475

Thai Yoga Massage

This treatment is as luxurious as it is pragmatic. After a consultation to assess your intentions and needs, Elizabeth will create your Yoga Thai massage experience specifically for you. Each session should reflect your growth and balance so it will be slightly, if not completely different.

The yoga segment begins with a grounding meditation, moves into a safe strength building asana before morphing sweetly into a passive stretching Thai massage to enhance your flexibility. The Thai massage can finish with a shavasana (resting pose), pranayama (breathing exercises), and a seated meditation. Each session will be guided on your needs, intentions and Elizabeth’s assessment.

In House

90 mins: $125
120 mins: $175

Mobile Services are Unavailable at this time.

More Illuminating Services

Bodywork and Massage

Elizabeth’s Massage and Bodywork sessions are individually tailored with your specific needs in mind. From Yoga to a variety of Massage techniques including Swedish, Yogi Thai, Medicupping and CranioSacral.

Energy Work

At the beginning of each energy session, Elizabeth asks that the client make an intention for their healing work. After the Reiki or energy begins to run, the entire treatment will evolve with the clients highest and best good within their chosen intention.

Retreats and Sanctuary Space

Each healing treatment is an integrative approach created specifically to help you open up into the deepest folds of your process, as you Choose to Bloom.

Intuitive Readings

Elizabeth has been an intuitive since childhood. She intuits by collaborating both verbally and energetically with her clients. Your reading begins with the intention you set.